Elite Nutrition and Performance is the fifth job I have worked during my 21 years on this earth. That being said, it is the first job that I have ever felt truly passionate about, the first job that I didn’t dread showing up to, and the first job in which my commutes to work did not consist of sobbing and / or angry rock music. Needless to say, I’ve worked my fair share of jobs, from retail to fast food, and ENP has proven to be a blessing to me since Day One. Here’s why:

1. The Purpose

When we start working, our main goal in mind is almost always money, especially when we are broke students. However, my work with ENP began as a practicum student. To explain, in order to graduate from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, students are required to complete a semester-long practicum with a health-related site of their choice.

Now, most students complete their practicums with the sole purpose of fulfilling graduation requirements. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted that too, but I wanted something more. I wanted to learn. It was (and still is!) My dream to become a registered dietitian; I wanted more than anything to work with one. But, to my dismay, it seemed at the time that no dietitians were looking for practicum students.

Just when I had given up hope, with less than a month to go in the semester, a representative from a company called Elite Nutrition and Performance showed up to one of my classes. The idea of ​​a company that offered both nutrition AND personal training had me frothing at the mouth. I HAD to get on with them. I applied the next day and started working at ENP last July.

Since the first day here, my purpose has always been to learn and to prepare myself for my future dream career. And I must say, my purpose has definitely been fulfilled.

2. The Work

When I came to ENP, I found a business that put its clients at its very core. Everything about ENP is centered on helping others succeed. It has been so incredible to be a part of that. I have thoroughly enjoyed training and writing nutrition plans for all of you guys, and I have especially enjoyed bombarding your emails and social media accounts with blogs and marketing info (;

When I interviewed at ENP I remember asking what the best part about working here was. The answer that was given to me was the clients. At the time, having just spent a summer making subs for people who yelled at me for not properly dispersing the cucumbers on their beloved sandwiches and (gasp!) Giving them tomatoes that were not “red enough”… and watching them put more food on the floor than in their mouths (yeah I didn’t like that job)… I could not understand how this could ever possibly be the answer to my question. But, after a year of working here, I realized that this answer could not be any more accurate.

Watching you all succeed at your goals has been an absolute joy. Thank you for making this job rewarding day in and day out. And for improving my warped outlook on society and its dire need for “red enough” tomatoes that I cannot provide (;

3. The Staff

Perhaps what I will miss the most about ENP is its staff. Since the day I started back in July, I have been welcomed, challenged, and respected. I have gotten the opportunity to work with some of the hardest working people I have ever met; their passion for their work has inspired me more than I think they’ll ever know.

I have been far from perfect while spending my time here, but every mistake has been handled with grace and treated as a learning opportunity. Because of this, I have always felt confident here and have therefore been able to learn more than I had ever dreamed of. To be believed in is an incredible feeling. I cannot thank the staff enough for believing in me and for helping me to flourish as both an employee and as a person.

Darcy, thanks for always being so sweet and patient with me. Jesa, thanks for sharing some incredible tips and for making me feel welcome in the gym; we miss you! Kristen, thanks for challenging me and for giving me the opportunity to work here. You have been an absolutely outstanding boss and I can only hope that I will one day be able to build and maintain a business the way you have. Dom and Lucy, I wish we could have worked together longer, but I can assure you that you will be working with some pretty amazing individuals (:

4. The Journey

Ah, the journey. Well, since coming to ENP, I’ve witnessed two pregnant ladies, two babies, multiple office configurations, several changes, dozens of clients, hundreds of personal training sessions, and millions of technology issues (computers hate me). I have developed nutrition plans, trained clients, written blogs, become a YouTube sensation (NOT!), Helped with workshops, scheduled appointments, answered phone calls, responded to emails, colored on chalkboards, presented to groups around Columbia, and so much more .

Needless to say, since Day One, I’ve learned an unbelievable amount about wholistic health, running a business, and pregnancy (lol). In other words, not a day goes by that I am not thankful for this journey; it has been priceless.

What Now?

Now that I’ve graduated, I will be leaving Columbia to pursue a post-baccalaureate degree in Dietetics and thus get one step closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming a registered dietitian.

But just because I’m leaving doesn’t mean Hannah G is gone for good! You can’t get rid of me that easy! From now on, I will be handling blogs and all other marketing materials for ENP! Which means more awkward YouTube videos !!!! Yayyyyyy for you!

Working at Elite Nutrition and Performance has truly served to affirm my passion for working in the fields of dietetics and personal training. To say I’m sad to leave this place is an understatement. Words cannot express how thankful I am for this experience and for the fact that I will still be working for this wonderful company from home.

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